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Cloud or Traditional Data Center Solutions? Strategies and Best Practices in Cloud Utilization, an Interview with Jeff Gilmer of Excipio Consulting

Cloud or traditional data center

Cloud or Data Center? Jeff Gilmer of Excipio Consulting shares best practices.

A hasty decision to move to the cloud can lead to trouble. There needs to be a substantial, comprehensive process. What factors should your organization consider in that process?

This interview will give you valuable insight into finding the right answers for your specific needs. Jeff Gilmer of Excipio Consulting has led dozens of processes to determine what an organization’s cloud strategy should be, deciding what would work well in the cloud, what applications would thrive in more traditional data center environments, and how it should all come together.

In the discussion, Jeff talks about the importance of your organization understanding why a transition to the cloud is being considered and making sure the company’s business goals match up to solutions and strategy that you decide upon.

The conversation is highlighted by Jeff sharing the six steps of discovery that your organization must undertake to maximize the probability that the choices you’re making regarding are the correct ones. This interview offers value insight into a process that has helped many organizations decide upon a strategy that enables them to grow and strive.

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