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data-center-consulting-careersExcipio Consulting, a leader in the IT strategy industry is looking for business development managers to join their North American team. We provide our clients with a strategic business case which allows them to make educated business decisions in their technology environment based upon a proven methodology. Excipio’s clients include commercial clients, government agencies, and vertical market industries. Excipio’s proven, proprietary Economic Analysis Modeling and Methodology (EAMM®) process helps these clients make informed decisions based on factual information, risk mitigation, and financial benefit.

Excipio consultants work with senior executives (CxO, VP, and Senior Director) who are looking to enhance or develop a strategy based upon real-world experience and bridge the gap between technology, business, and finance to drive profitable business decisions. This includes:

  • Consulting Services – Excipio has a wide range of industry and technology experience. Whether a client is struggling with a strategic direction, technology shift, or business case justification, Excipio has the experience and expertise to provide valuable guidance and direction.
  • Project Analysis – Many clients have a potentially beneficial project but are unsure of the financial impacts or benefit to the organization. Excipio helps clients through the process and can quickly gather, analyze, and present meaningful information in a format valued by key decision makers.
  • Process Improvement – Many clients are not satisfied with the cost structure of the organization. How accurate are their project estimates vs. the actual implementation costs? Excipio provides solutions and strategies designed to help reduce risk, improve response time, and simplify processes.
  • Reduced Time With High Accuracy – Excipio has a refined analysis methodology in our process, requiring significantly less time from your staff and allowing the engagements to be completed efficiently with a higher level of accuracy. Excipio stands behind their analysis, as the accuracy of their work directly affects their credibility.
  • Hard Dollars – While many companies use soft dollar benefits in their analysis, Excipio focuses on hard dollars in our financial analysis.
  • Vendor Neutral – Excipio does not sell hardware, software or ongoing operational services and thus can be truly vendor neutral and objective in our analysis.

    At Excipio, we are looking for individuals with an independent work ethic and are comfortable engaging with senior management in the commercial and public sector environments. Our current BDM’s enjoy a flexible schedule, virtual office environment and competitive compensation. We have excellent client references, strong service delivery and business partners to help you develop your client base. The following represent some of the key background and characteristics to succeed at Excipio:

  • Comfortable engaging with senior management individuals in public and/or private sector organizations.
  • Looking for and ability to function in an independent, flexible work environment
  • Seasoned IT professionals with experience in the areas of business development providing IT consulting services.
  • Ability to develop relationships and provide strategic business value to senior management.
  • Record of efficiently and successfully closing strategic complex opportunities.
  • Ability to understand client requirements, concerns and issues for the development appropriate project scope.
  • Excellent written and verbal skills for networking, interviews, presentations, contract negotiations and teammate interactions.
  • Energetic, detail oriented, organized, self-directed, and highly motivated
  • Experience in response definition, creation, submission and winning RFP’s
  • Bachelor’s degree from accredited institution or equivalent work experience in IT business development.


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