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Large Public Sector Client: Enterprise Operations Review


The client was faced with significant budget deficits and needed to develop a strategy to address aging technology assets, reduced funding and increased technology failures. Excipio initially started with an overall operations strategy with a focus on potential capabilities and a goal on meeting the reduced funding requirements while maintaining or improving the overall service to the citizens. Excipio fulfilled multiple functional roles for the client; Operations, Implementation, Financial and Procurement:

  • Data Center as a Service: Current state facilities and operations assessment, risk review of data centers, data center financials, market analysis of potential opportunities (colocation, data center as a service), development of RFP requirements, RFP coordination and award, contract negotiations, client oversight of transformation to awarded vendor.
  • Disaster Recovery: Critical business function analysis, definition of criticalities, risk, compliance, impact analysis, priority ranking of critical applications, requirements definition for DR software tool, infrastructure requirements for DR data center, creation of application and infrastructure recovery plans, tabletop and functional testing.
  • Mainframe as a Service: current state mainframe operations assessment, external market analysis, financial analysis, development of RFP requirements, RFP Coordination and Award, Contract Negotiations and Project Management Services for Transition.
  • Network as a Service: Market Analysis and Development of RFP Requirements.
  • Vendor Management: Fiscal Spend Review/Categorization, Contract Review, Established Vendor Performance Review Process, Contract Renewal Negotiations/Consolidation and Establishment of Vendor Management Practice.
  • Centralized Service Desk: Market Analysis to Procure Software, Implementation of Software, Project Management of Service Center Buildout and Creation of Process/Procedures Documentation.
  • Desktop as a Service: Market Analysis, Development of RFP Requirements, RFP Coordination and Award, Contract Negotiations and Project Management Services for Transition.

Project Benefits:

From this work, Excipio identified there were minimal short-term savings to be had without cutting staff headcount. However, the following benefits were realized with a potential of $40M in savings over 5 years.

  • Data center as a Service: Outsource data center services to stabilize environment and avoid high costs to bring current infrastructure current.
  • Mainframe as a service: Outsource mainframe services to stabilize environment and address aging workforce. This resulted in over $1.5M in sustainable savings.
  • Network as a Service: Outsource network services to stabilize environment, avoid expensive refresh of network equipment and convert expense from OPEX to CAPEX.
  • Identified more than $5M in annual savings through Vendor Management via a series of analytical and cost reduction strategies.
  • Desktop as a Service – Convert purchasing of end user devices from CAPEX to OPEX, resulting in savings of over $1M per year

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