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Disaster Recovery

Client Examples

  • Issue: The client had no idea on what business services were most critical to the business and what was the right amount to invest for a recovery solution
  • Result: Defines what is and is not actually needed for the client’s DR solution so the client spends only what is required


  • Issue: The client could not meet their compliance and regulatory requirements due to the inability to recover
  • Result: The client was able to recover from a single failure to a complete outage and avoided tens of millions of dollars in fines or loss of funding.


  • Issue: The client was at high risk of financial loss from their customers in the event of an outage.
  • Result: The client was now able to identify and understand the risk of a failure and its impact on their customers.


Example Disaster Recovery Client

The Solution

Disaster recovery (DR) focuses on the ability of an organization to recover from a technology outage. This can be loss of a single technology or a catastrophic event. The following charts represents services provided through the Excipio DR solution.


Like all Excipio’s solutions, our approach to disaster recovery consists of our proven, Economic Analysis Modeling and Methodology (EAMM®) process.

This methodology provides clients with a comprehensive analysis by which the client can make highly informed technical strategy decisions. EAMM® provides the basis for accurate performance and financial analysis, risk assessment, and solid technical recommendations.






Download Disaster Recovery Solution Brief (PDF)