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IT Business Transformation –Solution Suite Disciplines

datacenter-solutionsIntroduction. Welcome to Excipio’s solution suite for optimizing the management of your information technology operation. We provide current-state assessment, and change impact strategies and future-state designs. Whether your IT operations are in-house and or externally sourced, our solution suite can be configured to provide critical executive-support information necessary to manage the business impact of change regardless of environment.

Background. IT operations typically receive inadequate focus, even though it is often the most expensive enterprise asset and can have a significant impact on the operation of the business. Given the capital investment, operating costs, impact on operations, improved strategies, the management of IT, resources, processes and technology is an untapped opportunity for most organizations to improve service delivery.

The following diagram illustrates our professional service offering, life cycle methodology and solution deliverables.

Compelling events that impact IT are often attributable to business growth, consolidations, management change, cost reduction, availability & compliance requirements, technical innovation and or customer support. While each compelling event has a unique impact, Excipio feels confident that we can identify the best options for optimization in your environment given our experience over the past decade through hundreds of data center assessments and strategy assignments.

Our Mission is to provide an in-depth third party review with attention to balance, accuracy and completeness. Excipio is vendor neutral. We do not sell or refer hardware, software or services from any technology or service provider thus can be completely objective in our analysis and recommendations.

Our Approach consists of project processes, decision support methodology, experience, and analytics to determine;

• current state conditions, benchmark comparisons
• future state options, cost mitigation strategies
• risk assessment, time line, ROI expectations
• next steps-migration strategy and change steps

All of this is followed by coaching your team through the build-out, migration and start-up of your new operating environment.

Where do we start? We intuitively begin with a review of your current operations environment. Once we understand the value of your dependencies by operating load, organizational efficiency, and cost structure, we move to analyze your release levels, data center facilities, disaster recovery capability and potential optimization and or future outsourcing opportunities.

Why are These Solutions Needed? To justify IT capital budgets and operating expenditures for human resources, data center facilities, infrastructure technology, and application support. This kind of analysis and strategy requires a combination of strong financial skills, technical insight, process experience and audited benchmark data. Typically IT does not have the skill-set, formal methodology, and seasoned benchmark data to conduct this type of analysis.

The result is opportunity identification and path forward approaches that executives can utilize to determine viable and unified strategies supported by fact-based information. Our expertise and maturity level is based on 100 plus IT operation management engagements over the past 10 years.

For more insight into the success of our clients, please contact us at sales@excipio.net for a straight-forward discussion on how our solutions could dramatically optimize your IT resources.


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