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End-User Services

End-User Services

end-user-servicesWelcome to Excipio’s assessment strategy for end user services (depicted in the diagram below). Regardless of whether the employee environment is an office, campus, remote, mobile or virtual, our analysis provides the critical information necessary to make educated business decisions to support your employees and your customers.

Background. The end-user services environment is a key link between the customers and the organization. High customer demands and often a global 24-7 operating schedule require organizations and IT to perform on a constant basis. A key factor is understanding the of alignment in resources and technology to avoid being overwhelmed by customer demands. Given that the end-user community is the link between your customers and your organization, effective end-user service has a direct impact of your company’s bottom line.

Our mission is to provide an in-depth third party review with attention to balance, accuracy and completeness. Excipio is vendor neutral we do not sell or refer technology, support systems or related services thus we can be completely objective in our analysis and recommendations.

The overall goal is to provide a third party review with attention to detail, accuracy and completeness. Excipio is vendor neutral, meaning we do not sell specific solutions, technology, support systems or related services, and thus can be completely objective in our analysis and recommendations.

The common scope for end-user services includes:

  • Review of Standards and Service Levels
  • Hardware and Software Technology
    • Desktops, Laptops, Mobile, Printers
    • Software licensing
    • Procurement Processes
    • Integration, Deployment
    • Warranty, Maintenance, Repair
    • Refresh, Acquisition, Disposition
  • Services Operation
    • Help/Service Desk
    • Customer Relations Experience
    • Resource Training, Certification
    • Asset Management System
    • Operating Processes and Risk Exposure

Our Approach includes a review of the current standards, processes, support, and life cycle management to determine:

  • Current state assessment
  • Comparative/benchmark analysis
  • Future state strategies
  • Recommendations
  • Transformation oversight
  • Ongoing operations optimization

The following diagram illustrates our professional service offering, life cycle methodology and solution deliverables

Where do we start? We intuitively begin with a review of your current end user environment. Once we understand your business requirements we move to analyze your environment, internal support systems, and customer service performance.

Why is this solution needed? To understand the quality of end-user services and impact to the company’s customer satisfaction.

The result is an overall strategy for management to implement viable solutions supported by fact-based information.

Download End-User Services Solution Brief (pdf)

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