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Why information technology is driving force for businesses?

Some of the influential personalities in the world like Tim Cook (Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Pete Cashmore (Mashable), Larry Page (Google), Jack Dorsey (Twitter) and Michael Dell (Dell) enjoy ubiquitous presence in the pervasive domain of Information Technology (IT), which apparently asserts significance of IT worldwide.

Why information technology is driving force for businessesAt the same time, the notable presence of IT in businesses is seen to be so inextricably entwined fact that it is difficult to come up with any conclusive explanation vindicating that IT and business are discrete or isolated. The reason is, either is not considered a split entity from each other.

Therefore, renowned experts tend to explain that both IT and businesses constitute an inseparable relationship, and therefore, speaking of one without mentioning another one is often construed as a pointless utterance.

If truth to be told, IT delivers a far-reaching effect in rendering innovation of massive scale onto businesses, in terms of facilitating communication, learning and gaining knowledge amongst business communities. Apart from that, IT helps companies in empowering and transitioning extension of their reach in a way considered quite a healthy business relationship, or that of complementary.

Take, for instance, Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR).

Despite the fact that AR wearable, such as Google Glass not living up to the expectation, and HoloLens having certain technical anomaly with its field of vision, the future of augmented reality, however, is set to take upward growth trajectory as believed by experts.

How come?

Well, the consideration as to building AR devices into smartglasses is already in place, and this source claims that Google and Luxottica have joined hands in developing innovative smartglass, known as Google Glass 2.0, which is considered an avant-garde product delivering innovative result in the field of AR and will revivify the way humans interact with physical environment.

That means the future will witness considerable efforts being dedicated by top-notch companies in developing AR-enabled smart devices that would instructively enrich our experience by the way we view the world.

Another question arises – how will that help businesses?

As a matter of fact, VR is not the talk of future, as we are already living in this era. Devices like HTC Vive and their sophisticated counterparts like AiR Glasses, CastAR, Meta2, MagicLeap and Vuzix are set to take the world by storm. The interesting part is, many more of them are undergoing experimental phases of development, to change the definition of our interaction with physical world once for all.

Medical schools are embracing VR for surgical requirements as a way of training next generation surgeons. Other sectors like telecoms, construction, military, education and business have adopted this technology for the purpose of facilitating an improved understanding of rather complex problems/situations, together with ensuring that higher level of engagement is maintained through the AR technology.

In fact, businesses will get benefited as they won’t have to follow repetitive prototyping or inaction of certain business course, thereby helping them save on costly financial involvement to handle the same. Businesses can train their employees more effectively using VR wearable devices. The business application of AR devices will also encompass remote collaboration of geographically dispersed employees, helping them get connected in a meeting without ensuring physical presence in the meeting room.

Moreover, communication with customers and work functions inside an organization will effectively be collaborated through AR technology, as said by Gareth Price from Ready Set Rocket. The technical domain where improved understanding of complex machines is required, AR does its wonder what precisely defines its inheriting expertise, as it helps engineers get through the process of fixing complex machines using AR-illustrated step-wise guidelines.

Even in e-commerce domains, AR ensures presence of its incomparable prowess, and you can experience it yourself by the way this technology helps you visually inspect the products before you hit “Buy it Now” button. Proliferation of AR in showcasing products by e-commerce giants has already put physical showrooms in a chronic state of fear of losing their footholds from competition.

The president of QuantumRun, David Tal, is all praise for augmented reality, as he says the technology will make smaller office spaces multifunctional without requiring huge financial involvement. He says, co-workers in a company will be able to visualize an augmented office space equipped with all digital whiteboards on all four walls, permeating them jot down using their fingers (source:

Information technology in business has practically ruled out the physical costs of communication in the form of internet and emails. From effective electronic storage and streamlined communication to safeguarding data-records, the importance of IT can’t be downplayed, as virtually all working ecosystems these days heavily rely on computerized systems dedicated to integrating information technology into industrial functions.

Here are some benefits of IT in brief:

Automation: Process automation by information technology has eliminated unwanted burdens on employees, thus enabling them shift their focus on other vital works and execute them efficiently. Meanwhile, the computerized systems handle variant processes like tracking projects, preparing reports and supervising financials among taking care of other official chores without requiring the intervention of your staff. As a result, improved productivity is the result your company experiences.

Data storage and safety: Valuable records of your company are managed through electronic storage systems like virtual vaults, thanks to IT for its safely maintaining accessibility of sensitive data to the authorized users while clamping down outside threats like hacking or cyber-related intrusion to your company’s records.

Remote access to work: Employees geographically located at different places from their company can manage accessing electronic network of their office remotely through information technology. This in turn boosts up workforce productivity in the company.

Enhanced communication: Communication channels like intranet, billboards, chat, email servers etc. are electronic communication mediums facilitating rapid communication in a company.

Smartness: IT serves businesses in collaborating work spaces and streamlining work flow systems. It helps their employees execute works in rapid timeframe. This, all in all, brings forth an impressive level of smartness and efficiency in employees’ productivity.

Cost-effective: IT resources truncate significant chunk of costs; say for example, by centralizing outmoded tasks (such as payroll function) at one location. It helps companies facilitate shifting of functions demanding higher costs into their virtual location in order to improve economic efficiency of companies.

Competitive leads: IT resources help companies take competitive leads over rivals. For this to happen, companies use technology to bring novelty in their products and focus more on improving customer services. More so, technology helps company cut short on futile employees overhead. Eventually, these steps using information technology helps companies stay ahead in competition.

No doubt that information technology serves as the backbone of businesses worldwide. Apart from delivering innovative transition in the lifestyle of common people, IT resources are rendering substantial values to industries by improving their workforce efficiency and helping them mitigate major costs on unwanted overhead among others. Apparently, businesses who understand how to maximize the viability of modern technology not only witness lucrative results, but they manage to achieve competitive leads in the market. This way, the companies ensure their unrivaled presence in competitive business world.