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Does Your Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan Have You Ready for Misfortune Or Are You Part of the Unprepared Majority?

Are you prepared for a disaster?

Most organizations have in place what they consider to be a data center disaster recovery strategy and plan.  The stark reality, however is that few are actually ready for the worst, and many organizations are ill-prepared. From failure of a single application to the loss of the organization’s entire IT functionality, a plan should be in place to handle any eventuality and restore operations as soon as possible.

With vast experience in assisting both public and private entities evaluate and improve disaster recovery plans, as well as create them from scratch, Jeff knows shares his knowledge of this important element of your IT infrastructure operations.

most people look at it, there’s typically three types of plans that you have within a business organization to recover your services or functions that you’re providing out to your customers, to clients, to whoever it may be. Emergency management plans focused on recovery in just the facility aspects of it, or a building has a fire, where do we go, what do we do? Business continuity talks about the things around recovering the business from a continuity perspective in the case of a disaster, things such as calling trees, and how do you interface with the public, and where do our employees go, and those functions.

which the key word there is recovery. So after the disaster, how do we recover, and do we have plan in place that we can test and validate that gives us the ability to recover once a disaster occurs? And that disaster could be a single application goes down, and we lose our primary functions or services or even our website that our clients interface with us, to a complete disaster where we lose all of our IT functions, and again, here we’re talking about the data center disaster recovery. So we’ll focus on the functions within the data center itself, and the ability to recover.

How do you determine what services are needed to cover all the eventualities for a disaster recovery plan?

That can be quite a daunting task when you start to look at all the different services that an organization may be providing, and where they act, but what you really need to do is stop and try to reconnect and identify all the services and functions that that business provides. You really want to evaluate and make sure you have a complete listing of both services. Once you have that, then the second phase is, you really need to identify, what of those services are critical, are the most critical? And you may give them a ranking of 1 to 100 for your 100 services, but you may say, these 10 or these 12 are the most critical, then these next 7 are kind of secondary, and then our third level might be these next 25, but you end up with some sort of categorization or buckets of services that you can define some sort of criticality with. So once you get through that, you also need to understand what applications support those services, or the functions that your business is providing. So you do need to have an application inventory as well, to really have the information to go through the process.

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