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Enterprise IT Operations Assessment

Client Examples

  • Issue: The client no longer had access to significant amounts of capital to invest into technology
  • Result: Elimination of capital investments with transformation to an operating expense model

  • Issue: The client had multiple data centers which created security risks and required extensive, ongoing operational investment
  • Result: Consolidation data centers into a centralized data center strategy, including production, disaster recovery and overall support services saving $46.1M over five years.

  • Issue: The clients assets had fallen out of date due to funding being utilized for other projects.
  • Result: Transformation to pay-for-use model allowing replacement of 3,000 outdated PCs eliminating security issues, the clients current model was limited to a refresh of 1,000 PCs and did not address security

The Solution

Many clients have a need to quickly gain a better understanding of their IT operations. This may include some, if not all, of the following focus areas:

  • Data Center Operations
  • End-User Services
  • Network/Telecommunications
  • Applications
  • Technical Resources

The reasons organizations desire an Enterprise IT Operations Review  are many, but may include:

  • Desire of leadership to gain understanding of overall IT processes and enterprise viewpoint
  • Reorganization, mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures
  • Need to define opportunity for consolidation or optimization of IT
  • Financial justification


When conducting an Enterprise Operations Review, Excipio applies its proven EAMM® process, and methodology which includes:

  • True current state assessment
  • Comparative benchmark analysis and best practices
  • Future state strategies
  • Financial Analysis
  • Comprehensive transformation roadmap
  • Unbiased vendor selection/RFP
  • On-going quality assurance, project management, coaching

Client Benefits

  • Thorough understanding of their IT environment’s true technical, business, and financial current state
  • Identification of potential options for short and long term cost savings
  • Strategy which meets all of the client’s requirements
  • A comprehensive, unbiased, strategic roadmap to implement changes
Download Enterprise Operation Review (PDF)